About Us

Our Premier Personal Aircraft Services

Private Jet Charter Flights New York is breaking the barrier with the fastest growth among personal jet broker companies nationwide. Our alternatives to complete and fractional ownership plans and commercial airline travel are cost effective and convenient while affording all luxury amenities. Unlike fractional ownership there are no up-front fees, maintenance costs, acquisition fees or membership costs. There is no forcing you to buy prepaid flight hours. You personally select which type of aircraft, when and where you need it and it will be there, even on short notice. No competing for the use of a single plane. Commercial flights do not even compare. Baggage checks, long security lines, waiting to board and all the other time consuming issues do not exist when you fly with our private jet service.

Our Safety and Security Standards are Set Higher Than Required

At Private Jet Charter Flights New York our safety standards are stringent because your safety is our first priority. Each and every plane is inspected thoroughly before every flight. We operate under FAA regulation Part 135 and work closely with the TSA requiring extensive background checks on all passengers, crew, pilots, maintenance and anyone who comes in contact with any of our aircraft.

Our aircraft exceed all FAA requirements. They are screened carefully to assure you that the plane you board has the safety and quality you deserve.