New York Charter Flight Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Cost of Commercial First Class Travel Compare with Private Jet Charter Flights New York?

Taking into account all the negatives associated with today’s commercial airline travel, our services appear as a much greater value. On a typical business flight, even in first class, you must first get to the airport and park. You will be paying for a spot a long distance away. Once you reach the terminal you are subjected to a long check in process where you will be relieved of your bags that may not arrive when you do. You may even be charged a fee for each. Then you are faced with the long security check point line. After that you wait again to board and hope that your flight arrived on time. Once boarded you wait again on the tarmac. Meanwhile if you had taken a private jet flight, from a smaller airport like Teterboro, you would be in the air already and a well on your way to your destination. Your bags would be with you. You could be preparing your presentation or just relaxing and enjoying your favorite wine which you requested. On the commercial flight you are going to repeat the same scenario on your return. You will also require another night in the hotel due to scheduling and lengthy travel time on the ground. Why spend more time in the terminal than on the plane? Everyone’s time is worth
money and commercial travel devours a lot of time. When all is considered the value is clear to see. Private Jet Charter Flights New York is the way to travel.

Is Private Jet Charter a Better Deal than Fractional Ownership Programs?

When a flight is scheduled with us all the choices are yours. You leave when you want on any day you desire and at anytime. Your food and beverages are planned according to your personal profile. You pick the plane whether its heavy, mid-size or super midget, the choice is yours. Unlike fractional ownership there are no membership fees, no long term contracts, no acquisition fees and no jockeying for flight time with the one available plane. With our private aircraft charter service you pay as you fly. No extra charges exist and you receive unparalleled concierge services.

Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express. We also accept wire transfers and checks.

Do You Fly 24/7/365?


Is an Advance Notice Required?

It is always best to notify us as far in advance as possible to guarantee availability of the plane you require. We have worked on as little as a few hours notice. That is contingent upon availability

May I Cancel Without Penalty?

We require all cancellations and changes be made 48 hours in advance or more.

Do You Offer Personally Designed Service?

All of our luxury jet flights are custom designed based on a personal profile that we create especially for you.

Do I Have a Choice of Special Foods and Beverages?

Whatever you wish to eat and drink we will provide. Ethic foods and special diets are not a problem.

Can Pets Fly Too?

Your Pets Are Treated Like Passengers. Just be sure to restrain them too on takeoffs and landings.