Private Jet Charter NYC

Without private jet charter service, travel in and out of the New York metropolitan area by commercial means can be a very stressful and tedious experience. There are three major hubs and none are convenient. There are Kennedy and Newark Liberty which play host to international and domestic flights at a pace that seems like organized chaos. Then there is La Guardia, one of the busiest domestic hubs in the country. Getting to these airports is half of the battle and trying to get to your gate and board can be an exercise in frustration.

Reaching Kennedy and La Guardia by subway from midtown NY Port Authority is going to take a minimum of 90 minutes. From anywhere else it is necessary to hire a cab or airport transfer service or drive yourself. Bringing your own car presents the challenge of long term parking and reaching your far away terminal along with your entire luggage. Travel to Newark Liberty does not offer the subway option at all. There is a New Jersey Transit System but just figuring it out takes a great deal of time consuming research.

Once you have succeeded in reaching the correct terminal the next segment of challenges begin. There is the long check in line where you and you luggage are separated for the duration of your flight. That is, of course that your luggage boards the same plane that you do. You may also be charged a fee for each bag, for whatever rule the individual airline has imposed this week that you were unaware of. Then you face security where a total stranger will look at everything that normally is hidden by your clothes.

Once you finally reach the gate and are permitted to board in business or first class, you sit and wait to move. You will wait again when the aircraft lines up with all the others for take off. During this time your are banned from eating, drinking, phone calls or anything else besides listening to the grumbling of the person next to you. Eventually you take off. Now you may look forward to the entire process in reverse when you reach your destination. Then you can experience it once again on your return trip. Fortunately most airports do not present as many logistics issues as New York. You will also need to spend an extra night in your hotel because you are on the airlines schedule.

While you spent hours in New York reaching and boarding your flight, the client of Private Jet Charter Flights New York has already boarded his personal aircraft and has almost reached his destination. His schedule was his own and his point of departure was a smaller airport conveniently located near his home. He is enjoying the meal of his choice while you are still waiting to order the food the airline chose for you. He is getting prepared for his visit or meeting while you are still trying to find your sanity. His hotel reservation was made for him and all of his ground transportation was booked well in advance. Wouldn’t you like to be this man? You can be very easily. The choice is entirely up to you. Your time is money so why spend more time getting to and from the plane than you do in the air. Private charter is more cost effective than you think when all things are considered.

Next time choose the way that makes sense. Relax and enjoy the trip with Private Jet Charter Flights New York. We are ready to fly when and where you are.